An artificial intelligence to practice a new language.

An artificial intelligence to practice a new language.

Among many alternatives that we find to distract us and learn a new language, we find Polyglot AI, an artificial intelligence system available in mobile version with the ability to practice, for now, languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish.

Basically, it is a chatbot that promises a fluent practice of the selected language, structured on OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, GPT-3 tool, this free application is very recent in the market, however, it uses the predictive model that has gained reception by app developers.

Recall that the GPT-3 model generates written language, thanks to its algorithm, the user only has to start writing with a few words that the desired paragraph, the artificial intelligence system begins to generate words and ideas to complete, in a coherent way, the text.

The great potential highlighted by the GPT-3 tool is that it demonstrates that an artificial intelligence system can learn and develop tasks like people.

The application not only allows interaction with the artificial intelligence system, but also has several public profiles for real conversations, in addition to connecting users according to their interests.

We know that the conversation of the language under study is the best tool to obtain fluency and greater breadth of vocabulary in the language you want to learn, Polyglot AI is presented as a viable alternative to put into practice the grammatical and verbal skills learned.

In addition to being a lightweight application and supporting older models, Polyglot AI is available for free download for Android from version 5 onwards and for iOS from version 9.

You can find more information on their website 

01 de Junio, 2021