Learn languages with technology

Learn languages with technology

Languages is one of the most downloaded sectors in application stores, whether you want to learn English or another language, there are also applications to improve pronunciation, writing, or lose the stage fright of expressing yourself in another language.

From the youngest in the house, to large businesses that do not have free time to attend a classroom, the option of an application to learn the language is becoming more attractive every day. Let's look at some options:

We could not start without mentioning Duolingo, one of the most popular applications for learning languages from a cell phone, with options for several languages, and showing graphically and motivating the progress. Free and available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Still with Babbel, it has more language options than any other application, and offers you exercises to improve your pronunciation. With Busuu you can learn languages that are not found in the above mentioned applications. Both are available for iOS and Android, the download is free but their lessons have an additional cost.

The British Council has a set of applications aimed at children and teenagers, designed for the youngest in the house, some of which are only available at the Apple Store, and the practices include fun activities with animated characters. Among them we have Memrise, perhaps the most complete, since it offers that you can learn 188 languages, including videos of native speakers of the language speaking as a practice. Free and paid mode, available for iOS and Android.

Another option that can be chosen without the need for a smartphone is the browser extensions, one of which is Toucan, the free Chrome extension that promises to help you learn a language without even trying. Translating words and phrases in the browser interface, in order to learn a vocabulary quickly as the context is displayed. It is designed for learning languages other than English, such as Italian, French and others.

To try some of these options, just install, follow instructions and move forward with the one that best suits your needs.

24 de Noviembre, 2020