ListenLater, the web that generates a podcast to your liking.

ListenLater, the web that generates a podcast to your liking.

Saving an article from the web and then reading it has been made possible by many applications that have been useful for professionals and students. Just as there are many applications and websites that convert from audio to text, facilitating the tasks of many professionals when transcribing long texts.

To change this routine, comes, a website that generates a podcast, totally customized, that allows you to listen to the saved articles. In addition, it tells us, the articles that perhaps we would like to read later.

How does it work? It reproduces the text of the selected article, to listen to it later in our free or leisure time. The best thing of all, is that in their portal they present an example of how this narration will be, so that we decide or not to opt for this innovation.

When it does, it adds a spoken version of the article to our feed so that we can listen to it when we have free time, and on their website they have an example of how it can be used and how the result can be heard.

Its creators want to avoid that the articles accumulate in saves, and due to lack of time, are not read, nowadays the podcast format has taken a lot of strength among several business and educational sectors, without forgetting the recreation and entertainment sector, so the option is a quite attractive alternative when it comes to enjoy articles, whose writers have not developed podcasts yet.

Listening is one of the easiest activities that can be done, either at home or in our office, even during the trips, can be set with podcast. plays the articles saved in the podcast playback platform of preference, so you only have to share the article, from your PC by means of an extension to the website, and from your cell phone through an email, and you will automatically get the audio in the podcast player. They also offer a bookmarklet option to add new articles.

Registration on the website is completely free and they offer up to 5 articles each month, without canceling anything else. If you wish to increase the number of articles to listen, you can pay an annual subscription with a cost of $36 and no limit of articles to listen.

12 de Enero, 2021