We present you "Baller To Do" a tool to manage the earrings in a simple and functional way.

We present you "Baller To Do" a tool to manage the earrings in a simple and functional way.

Among the free tools that are offered, we find "Baller To Do" ( more than a tool, is a free platform, simple, friendly and without distractors.

It is designed under the organization and time management parameters called Covey matrix and Eisenhower matrix.

Remember that both matrixes teach us to separate tasks and categorize them in:

  • Important and urgent: tasks with higher priority over the others and must be done promptly.
  • Important but not urgent: tasks with priority but that can be postponed in the short term.
  • Urgent but not important: tasks that must be executed on time. As their priority is lower, they can be delegated, if possible.
  • Neither important nor urgent: tasks that should be at the end of the priority list, as they do not need to be completed with particular urgency or have importance compared to the rest of the priorities.

The portal is distributed by two areas, vertically the impact of the activity is measured and horizontally the urgency of the task or pending is measured.

The grid or board obtained by crossing these areas, is composed of 4 sections that will help us define the priority of the assignments, according to their importance and urgency.

Each item entered has a value between 0 and 1 point, and is presented in light blue by definition, and can be moved to be relocated in case the importance or urgency of it changes. To highlight some highly important and urgent task, the platform identifies it in yellow, obtaining also a higher score compared to the others.

When the mouse pointer is placed, the name of the task is displayed, as well as punctuation, priority or importance.

What makes the portal more dynamic is the possibility of editing the name of the item, removing it, marking it as completed, and presenting the list of all those completed. It includes an option to share the list through a link.

"Baller To Do" was rated as the #4 product of the day on the "Product Hunt" website, a space dedicated to sharing the latest mobile applications, websites, hardware projects and technological creations, and has become a reference for fans and lovers of technological products.

08 de Diciembre, 2020