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5 keys to a successful digital transformation in 2024

5 keys to a successful digital transformation in 2024

This year, the evolution and development of digital transformation will be marked by five digital trends, it is necessary to analyze and find a balance between the power of technology and human talent, to determine which one to apply in your company:

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

According to the "Business Pulse" report conducted at KPMG and La Vanguardia ( almost 70% of corporations believe that AI-based solutions represent a competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence systems have changed the organizational scenario, determining new ways of interpreting and using data and information.

Their adoption poses certain challenges, such as staff training and the ethical use of the information that the systems yield.

  1. Process automation:

It has proven to be a key driving force for improving operational efficiency, thanks to process automation, routine tasks are executed automatically, allowing employees to focus on activities that require human skills. Requires re-evaluation of job roles and acquisitions to adapt to this new environment.

  1. Cybersecurity:

The continuous threat of cyber-attacks forces companies to implement strong security measures, it is the fundamental backbone to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information. It goes beyond file protection, it involves creating a risk-aware organizational culture and preparing for attacks, it requires training at all levels to give it the right value within the organization.

  1. Human-technology integration:

AI and automation do not replace employees, on the contrary, it allows employees to spend time on tasks that require empathy, creativity and reflection, to achieve this synergy, it is necessary to create multidisciplinary teams that combine technical knowledge with soft skills.

  1. Ethical and social challenges:

Organizational transformation must be an inclusive process, making technological progress an essential component to which everyone can have access, even those who do not have access, for this, organizations must ensure equity, transparency and privacy throughout the process.


The technological organizational transformation is not a final goal, it is a continuous process, full of powerful tools, that potential growth of businesses and therefore of their workers, its implementation requires a strategic and coherent approach, which guarantees an efficient, ethical and sustainable result in the future.


The synergy between the digital and the human, is a competitive advantage that is based on the innovation that the organization can apply and the adaptive capacity of its employees, partners, customers and leaders.


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19 de Marzo, 2024