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Ai PIN, a device for interacting with AI without any screen, has arrived

Ai PIN, a device for interacting with AI without any screen, has arrived

Can you imagine interacting with ChatGPT without the need for mobile screens or conventional interfaces? That is the promise offered by AI PIN

A small device composed of 2 parts, the main part that would contain the main elements, and, on the other hand, a magnetically attachable battery, which would allow users to wear it on clothing and other supports. In addition, Ai PIN will be powered by a Snapdragon chip and will have its own operating system called Cosmos, which will oversee redirecting requests to selected AI models.

AI PIN is not voice activated, nor automatically, it requires the user to activate it manually through the touch panel to make voice requests. Among the functions it could perform is from managing tasks and summarizing incoming emails, real-time translations, to displaying the nutritional value of a plate of food, thanks to its own 13-megapixel camera and a small laser projector it contains, among other things.

The company hopes to expand AI PIN's capabilities where it can offer features such as web browsing and online shopping.

Although the device is on sale for a price of USD $699, shipments will be made from 2024, additionally, you must pay the subscription fee to Humane, which for $ 24 per month offers a phone number and mobile coverage through the T-Mobile network.

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05 de Diciembre, 2023