Artificial Intelligence

An AI system to decorate and recreate spaces.

An AI system to decorate and recreate spaces.

Recreating spaces according to different styles of decoration may seem easy, but not everyone can capture in words and images what they think they are going to do in an area, professionals in interior design use complex and expensive software that users do not have access.

To facilitate communication between professional and user, Image Computer has developed a specialized artificial intelligence system called Interior Computer, where users can see how the areas of their homes, or the spaces of workplaces will look like according to the style of interior decoration that is chosen.

Interior Computer only needs an image of the chosen space, and that the user chooses the style of decoration they want, the AI does the work of placing elements and decorating the space. In addition, it is possible for the user to describe any specific detail that the system should include in the design, or in case of not having any specific request, the system does everything from scratch, including decorative details.

The striking thing about this novelty is the realism with which the images of the decorated spaces are offered according to the style, which could be used in different areas and goes a step further over the software and services that are oriented to the same field but do not offer a similar quality of the final product.

So far, the negative aspect that users have found is the inability to get links or location of the decorative elements that the platform uses, unlike perhaps Ikea's AI that offers codes and names of the furniture and elements that they offer in their stores. For now, users are waiting for an update where they can be provided with guidance or options to obtain the items that the platform displays.

Using the system is very simple, you only need a user account and buy the necessary credits based on the image you want to generate, the platform has different credit plans, where an image is worth one credit.

In case you are not a professional decorator, you can access from the Product Hunt website, where the creator shares 25 credits for free to get started and learn about the platform.

You can learn more at and access the 25 free credits at

08 de Noviembre, 2022