Artificial Intelligence

Create mobile apps without programming by the hand of artificial intelligence.

Create mobile apps without programming by the hand of artificial intelligence.

First, let's define what code-free AI is, known as an innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, as users can access, implement, and use machine learning algorithms without the need to write programming code.

Simply put, these platforms offer a graphical user interface (GUI) where complex AI tasks can be performed through a series of clicks and visual configurations.

To accomplish these tasks, the platforms contain key components such as:

  • Pre-trained Models, which prevents the user from having to train a model from scratch saving resources and avoiding complications.
  • Intuitive User Interface, tasks can be executed in the simplest way and without the need to write a single line of code.
  • Process Automation, some of these platforms include functionalities to automate processes, which saves time and resources.
  • Customization, users have the option to customize them according to their specific needs, adjusting parameters and even adding their own data for additional training.

For individuals, small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the capital to invest in equipment or high-powered computing infrastructure, codeless AI is essentially useful. As well as for professionals who wish to incorporate AI elements into their work without having to learn programming.

In contrast to traditional AI, which requires knowledge of programming languages such as Python and the use of specialized libraries such as PyTorch, codeless AI disregards these technical barriers, allowing more people to enjoy AI and include it in professional work.

Some of these platforms allow users to load their own datasets or use pre-existing datasets, thanks to their graphical interface, users can train and deploy machine learning models in a few minutes, through simple clicks.

Among the most popular platforms, due to their ease of use and functionalities, we find the following:

  • Google's Teachable Machine an educational platform that allows users to train machine learning models directly in their web browser, considered one of the most basic platforms, but is a great introduction to the world of AI.
  • Google AutoML, part of the Google Cloud ecosystem allows users to train custom machine learning models, known for its intuitive user interface and ability to handle complex AI tasks.
  • Data Robot is a machine learning automation platform that allows users to create and deploy AI models without writing code, as well as offering a wide range of pre-trained models and data preparation tools.
  • Apple's Create ML is an Apple tool that allows developers to create machine learning models on the macOS platform, while it is designed to integrate with Apple applications, its no-code approach makes it accessible to users with no programming experience.

Code-free AI is proving to be a transformable tool with applications in multiple sectors and business, although it fulfills basic functions in applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, purchase recommendations based on browsing history, among others, any modification or suspension of service of the mentioned platforms can affect the operation of the created system, a detail that should be taken into account when using these platforms.

07 de Noviembre, 2023