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Documenting software code automatically thanks to artificial intelligence.

Documenting software code automatically thanks to artificial intelligence.

By having the code information, you can know the instructions executed by the code segments, and it also allows the various members of the team to consult the information, and even allows third parties to develop similar projects in the future with the information collected.

Code documentation is so vital during development that it is the first option to look for when a code segment error occurs, to optimize existing functions or if new ones are to be added.

An alternative for documenting the entire process is offered by the startup Mintlify, who developed software for automating the documentation tasks of other software.

The CEO of Mintlify, Hang Wang, said that the main reason for founding the startup was the experience in software development where he worked with incomplete documentation or with information that was not of good quality.

It was precisely the poor documentation Wang encountered during his experience that was the reason for developing this tool. Poor documentation not only delays the training process for new developers joining the project but can also become a drain on resources such as time and money, depending on the scope of the project.

Documentation is also a tool for engineers who are new to software development and those who are new to new code bases.

All these scenarios were analyzed by Mintlify and they developed a sequence that processes the code and generates code documents to explain it, using technologies such as natural language processing and web scraping.

In the future, the company plans to focus its operations on automating documentation without human intervention, following existing artificial intelligence techniques.

An option that could mean savings for many companies.


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19 de Julio, 2022