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Improving agriculture with the help of generative artificial intelligence

Improving agriculture with the help of generative artificial intelligence

All this is being achieved through various AI-based digital alliances and tools, which are revolutionizing the way farmers learn and access current topics, which are of great importance to agriculture.

Chatbots, such as Kissan AI and Jugalbandi, powered by OpenAI's GPT models, are providing answers to thousands of questions coming from farmers who wish to enrich their knowledge on different agricultural topics, breaking the language barrier and making information available in real time.

On the one hand, we present Farmer.CHAT, a digital tool designed to assist farmers on issues such as climate change and water security. It is the product of a partnership between the global development organization, Digital Green, and the AI startup, Gooey.AI.

On the other hand, similarly, Odisha's Department of Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment has introduced an interactive chatbot called Ama KrushAI. This program provides farmers with guidance on best agronomic practices, government schemes and loan products.

Although the technology of generative AI systems is at an early stage, its applications are extensive and could become an essential tool for reporting factors such as plant and soil health analysis, nutritional deficiency detection and even crop yield projections.

The application of AI in such an important and ancient sector of our society will generate transcendental changes not only by offering information to farmers that will allow them to improve processes, productive performance and solve situations efficiently, but it could also be a key element in the development of a sustainable agricultural culture for our planet.

The potential of this technology to transform agriculture around the world is enormous and we are only at the beginning of this exciting journey.

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04 de Julio, 2023