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Introducing ARTICUL8 AI, Intel's new project in generative AI

Introducing ARTICUL8 AI, Intel's new project in generative AI

This new alliance is focused on the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems tailored to the security and specialization needs of industries such as finance and telecommunications.

Intel used its own hardware and a combination of open-source software and internal developments to create a generative AI system that specializes in text and image processing.

One of the most notable features of Articul8 AI is its focus on security. The system was conceived and designed to meet BCG's stringent security requirements, targeting industries that require a high degree of information security and expertise, such as the financial services and telecommunications sectors.

On the other hand, Intel has been working on this platform, not only optimizing it for its own hardware, but also ensuring its compatibility with alternatives already on the market. In addition to being designed for sectors such as cybersecurity, telecommunications, finance, aerospace, among others.

Some business and academic leaders are already visualizing the versatility and potential of Articul8 AI in various sectors as Dr. Darryl D'Lima of SCORE at Scripps Health anticipates the revolutionary impact of GenAI in research and development.

Intel is offering this project as part of its versatile and strengthened portfolio, in addition to innovating, it is also looking to attract outside investment, a tactic we have already seen with other projects such as Mobileye. The presence of investors such as DigitalBridge indicates a strong confidence in the potential of Articul8 AI. These partnerships have become crucial elements for Intel's growth and expansion in addition to having a presence in an important market, although now there is no product that can be used to test it.

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06 de Febrero, 2024