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Learning to program in 67 languages becomes easier with this tool

Learning to program in 67 languages becomes easier with this tool

Exercism is more than a programming learning platform, it is an independent, community-funded, non-profit organization whose goal is to help people develop fluency in 67 programming languages in a fun and effective way. And it's totally free.

Within the platform you can explore 67 programming languages, including the most popular ones such as Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, C++, C#, Rust, C, TypeScript, Bash, Ruby, and Elixir. Being the most requested, with 350,000 students, Python.

Exercism has more than 3,450 dynamic and fun coding exercises, starting with "Allergies" to "Zebra Puzzle". These exercises are designed to improve understanding of programming concepts through practice.

In addition, it allows users to write code locally in their own space, as it is primarily built as a CLI-first tool, meaning that exercises can be downloaded and submitted directly from the user's terminal. Conversely, if you don't want to spend hours installing a language locally just to try it out, it also offers an in-browser editor that supports all its 70 programming languages.

Best of all, the platform offers automated analysis of your code. That is, the platform runs an automatic analysis on solutions to give quick feedback and improvement points.

One of the highlights of Exercism is its focus on human mentoring. The platform's mentors can look at your code and spot ideas that the user is unfamiliar with and help them level up knowledge. They also offer guides on how to shift thinking to writing idiomatic code, which is essential for becoming fluent in a programming language.

Exercism offers users the opportunity to learn at their own pace and according to their own interests, and with the help of dedicated mentors, users can fill in the gaps in their knowledge and become truly fluent in their chosen programming language.

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29 de Agosto, 2023