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Meet Skinive, an AI that monitors your dermatologic health

Meet Skinive, an AI that monitors your dermatologic health

Let's talk about Skinive, the new mobile application based on an artificial intelligence system that analyzes the user's skin looking for anomalies and possible health problems. The report issued by the application is detailed and personalized, in addition to offering recommendations for skin care and prevention of conditions. Skinive analyzes images of spots, moles, rashes, and other skin problems, helping users to monitor their dermatological health in a simple and affordable way.

Based on deep learning algorithms to evaluate skin images and detect potential health problems, including skin cancer, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and herpes.

To use Skinive, you must download the application to your cell phone, and complete the registration. Then proceed to take a picture of the skin area to be analyzed. Subsequently, the application, using a unique algorithm, evaluates the image and detects possible dermatological problems. Finally, it provides a personalized report with recommendations for care and disease prevention.

An image from the gallery can also be uploaded and the first analyses performed by the application are free of charge.

Artificial intelligence offers a wealth of skin care benefits. The technology can analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, allowing potential diseases to be detected early and health problems to be prevented.

While the main advantage of Skinive is that it provides an easy and affordable way to monitor dermatological health and obtain a detailed analysis based on everyone’s skin type, improving the effectiveness of skin care in a matter of seconds, it does not replace a visit to a dermatology specialist or more extensive studies that may be required at the time of presenting a lesion or onset of a disease.

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30 de Mayo, 2023