Artificial Intelligence

SAP bets on artificial intelligence

SAP bets on artificial intelligence

They are called Cohere, Anthropic and Aleph Alpha and are already part of the extensive portfolio of business applications offered by SAP. On the other hand, we cannot forget Sapphire Ventures, backed by SAP, which already has a $1 billion investment in startups focused on generative AI.

SAP is the third largest software company in the world, if we talk about annual revenue, without leaving aside the numerous global recognitions for its digital solutions, among which stands out the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which allows to manage and automate many of the business practices associated with the operational or productive aspects of a company, while being connected with different departments of the organization.

With a strong customer base of 26,000 customers currently using SAP Business AI, SAP Business AI demonstrates the market's need for solutions based on generative AI. This AI is nothing more than a model that generates something from existing data. This could have a colossal impact on companies and customers globally.

Already the pilot tests started, SAP announced that if a customer is interested, they can explore the possibilities of AI, which places SAP as a frontrunner in the AI revolution in the business arena.

SAP has chosen the three startups for very particular criteria that could offer its customers cutting-edge enterprise solutions, for their industry leadership, their innovative character, and their unique vision to advance AI. These investments will mark a significant change on the road to a new era in which AI could play a central role in the business world.

SAP offers a promising future as a company, for its customers and for all those who choose to include AI-based solutions.

AI offers infinite possibilities, and we are just describing, little by little, the vast universe of what can be achieved with this technology.

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01 de Agosto, 2023