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We present Halogram, the fusion of artificial intelligence and holograms.

We present Halogram, the fusion of artificial intelligence and holograms.

Halogram tries to bring this idea to reality, combining holographic technology with generative artificial intelligence, to achieve that interaction, in the near future, will not be through two-dimensional screens.

Halogram is a project on Kickstarter, and on its web platform users can create a 3D model of a holographic companion. No programming knowledge is required, as the platform has an intuitive interface. Each user can customize not only the appearance and voice, but also the personality of the artificial intelligence system, creating a unique and personalized experience.

In addition to offering this unique experience, Halogram features Halobox, a device that offers to elevate the experience to another level.

Meticulously designed, the square device with dimensions of 100 mm long, 100 mm wide and 138 mm high, functions as a stage where holographic avatars come to life, creating a more immersive experience and becoming an integral accessory and not just an optional component.

At the heart of the Halobox, we will find a small Raspberry Pi computer, the engine that drives the hologram projection, allowing for a rich and detailed visual experience. An economical and highly customizable option.

The technology behind the hologram projection is based on a visual illusion known as "Ghost Pepper", it is not a hologram in the technical sense of the term, but it still allows a visual representation that resembles a hologram, offering a cost-effective way to experience something close to a three-dimensional projection.

On the other hand, the Halobox comes equipped with speakers and a 2-microphone module to enhance voice recognition capabilities.

All these components allow the user to interact naturally with the holographic avatars, as if they were conversing with another human being. The user's information is preloaded on a micro SD card, so the person can start using it as soon as they get their hands on it.

Maurizio Cibelli is the mastermind behind Halogram, passionate about generative artificial intelligence, currently serving as Senior Product Manager for an AI division in Seattle, WA and his vision for Halogram stems from a curiosity to explore new forms of human-computer interaction.

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17 de Octubre, 2023