We present Pyxis Ocean, a promise for a clean future, thanks to wind energy.

We present Pyxis Ocean, a promise for a clean future, thanks to wind energy.

A significant reduction in CO2 emissions is offered by Pyxis Ocean, a vessel equipped with huge 37.5-meter sails called WindWings. These sails, which function like wings, allow the ship to harness the energy of the wind for propulsion.

This project is a collaboration between several companies including Cargill, MC Shipping, Costco Shipyard, Power Technologies, and Aero Marine Technologies.

The WindWings sails are the main attraction in this project. They are made of the same materials as wind turbines and are aerodynamically designed to save fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

WindWings can save 1.5 tons of fuel per day, which is equivalent to 4.65 tons less CO2 emissions per wing per day. The use of wind, which for the project is considered a free and endless fuel, is the main protagonist and vital for the savings. The percentage varies according to the fuel used by each vessel.

The long-term results are quite satisfactory, understanding that ships contribute approximately 837 million tons of emissions annually, the use of wind energy in shipping could reduce global emissions by 30%.

On the other hand, there are other projects that seek to implement similar technologies, such as the creation of tall sails for other ships, which translates into a significant change in the shipping industry.

The Pyxis Ocean project is the beginning of a new stage for the entire industry, the application of technology to deliver concise and sustainable results that greatly reduce carbon emissions. The goal is to scale this technology not only within the Cargill fleet but also across the rest of the industry.

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26 de Septiembre, 2023