A luxurious capsule for meditation and mindfulness

A luxurious capsule for meditation and mindfulness

As part of the learning of 2020, it was the importance of meditation and mindfulness on a personal and work level, part of this was due to remote work that many organizations and businesses were not prepared to face the new modality, and many of their employees began to suffer from fatigue, anxiety and stress, and as a consequence, productivity levels affected work performance.

Teleworking will continue to be a part of many of our lives, in addition, online classes are no longer an option, these activities together turned homes into noisy and distracting elements, because each of the members walk in their daily routines.

Precisely because of this, meditation and relaxation began to be part of the routine of some, thinking about the need for a space for these activities in the market we found the alternative called OpenSeed Meditation Pod (, which contains a variety of features, which according to its website "are designed to provide moments of calm anywhere, from homes, offices, hotels and spas to airport lounges, workspaces, universities and stores.

These capsules are integrated with a touch screen where you can coordinate and direct the sounds, guided meditations, essential oils, lighting and technology inside the capsules, offering elevated states of consciousness, accompanied by ergonomic and adjustable seats, allowing you to choose a normal posture or lotus posture, alternatives that enhance the enjoyment of the stages of meditation.

The capsules isolate the outside, although not completely the noise for safety reasons, for this, hearing aids can be used. Up to three people can simultaneously enjoy original content, designed in collaboration with meditation teachers, neuroscientists, sound therapists and audio engineers, providing a unique, science-based, surround sound experience and meditations.

Experts have published studies with results on the benefits of meditating in OpenSeed Meditation Pod (, including significantly increasing the effectiveness of meditation and amplifying its benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, reduced cardiovascular risk and anti-inflammatory effects, decreased levels of anxiety, depression and stress, as well as increased creativity and productivity, emotional intelligence and empathy, and even improved memory; among those responsible for the studies are the American Journal of Cardiology, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Harvard University, the T School of Public Health. H. Chan of Harvard, the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The company aims to introduce a new genre of meditative music, medical grade, that induces calm, restores positive energy and enhances human performance, in the short term.

Although these capsules are not economical, you can even choose a premium version with surround speakers to further enhance the experience.

23 de Febrero, 2021