Music to improve concentration with mobile applications

Music to improve concentration with mobile applications

Youtube music channels, Spotify playlists, free music platforms and other options are alternatives to avoid boring study sessions and improve concentration.

Among many of these alternatives, Lo-fi Clouds Radio stands out, a mobile app that allows you to listen to music without commercials or interruptions, without any subscription, for hours without distracting agents.

One of the options that the application allows is to schedule a certain time through a timer and thus set the music for study sessions, workday, rest day and why not, even for bedtime. The application allows you to fast forward or rewind songs, but not save them, in a simple and friendly interface.

Lo-Fi Clouds, creators of the app, is part of EYESOME, a non-profit association founded in 2015, dedicated to supporting artists through digital and physical releases, radio promotion of their creations, production, licensing, playlist inclusions and more.

For Matt D. and Lohan LG, founders of Lo-Fi Clouds, the main reason they started this journey is to ensure that artists can support themselves through their art without having to work unrelated side jobs that distract them from their higher purpose as a musician.

The music released by Lo-Fi Clouds is copyrighted and distributed by Cygnus Music Ltd, one of the world's leading distributors for streaming stores and websites.

Among the music genres that can be listened to are Lofi Hip Hop, chillhop and jazzhop, updated weekly, low fidelity 320kbp/s HD streaming.

Additionally, any artist can submit their music, via a link from, and the track can be broadcast on the Discord channel.

Available for iOS and Android. More info, visit

23 de Noviembre, 2021