Prioritize team tasks with Subtask.

Prioritize team tasks with Subtask.

From the hand of Plectica, a company with a New York DNA, software developer since 2016, comes Subtask, a new project management tool, specially directed to workers of small and medium businesses.

Its interface is intuitive and simple, where you can create, assign and follow tasks of each project, but the attraction of Subtask is its function called "Value-Effort Priority Matrix".

This function will guide the workers on which tasks to start, according to the results they want to obtain, immediately and based on the minimum effort that must be invested.

To do this, users must locate the tasks in the corresponding quadrants, according to the characteristics of the projects, and the function will make the classifications. Part of the function is the alert that will be issued when linking each task with the objective, so that the task prioritization scheme is reorganized.

Besides its intuitive interface, Subtask offers different views and various graphics that could help the organization and task management of each ongoing project.

Subtask was created according to its developers with "a series of tools that help you to break down, prioritize, schedule and add relationships between your tasks".

Based on their years of experience as a team and the needs they have had over five years, Subtask was born, to become a tool to help teams discover what they need to focus on, communicating effectively.

For now, Subtask will not have mobile applications, so it could be a disadvantage compared to other task management tools, only its web version and with integration to Google Calendar, Slack and emails.

Cloud-based collaborative tools will continue to be part of everyday life and possibly will continue to be in high demand, while many continue to work remotely.

16 de Febrero, 2021