Coding Font, the new programming tool

Coding Font, the new programming tool

It is called Coding Font and it is the new digital tool that will make the process more interactive and attractive, through gamification, when the programmer needs to select a font for his project, instead of scrolling through an endless list of fonts. which would make his work more efficient.

The project has been developed using NoCode / LowCode tools, which allows a quick implementation and adaptation. These digital tools are platforms devised and designed to facilitate the creation of applications without the need to write code from scratch, significantly speeding up development time.

The creators of Coding Font are part of the Typogram team, recognized for innovative projects in the field of design, including a website for creating logos.

The Coding Font initiative raises interesting questions, such as the role of choosing a font and to what extent it affects a programmer's productivity. On the other hand, these digital tools not only offer specific solutions, but also raise the possibility of evaluating digital ergonomics in the programming sector, Coding Font could set a precedent.

The creators have drawn on the experience they have as software engineers, and understand the time a programmer spends browsing, reading and making changes to code, so looking at a coding font for 8 hours a day, or even more hours, has an impact on productivity and comfort.

If you would like to learn more about the project, visit their website and discover the love they have for coding fonts.

03 de Octubre, 2023