Ghostwriter, a code editor with AI to help programmers.

Ghostwriter, a code editor with AI to help programmers.

Well-written code can solve many programming challenges, not to mention saving time and resources. Programmers need a tool that works as an efficient, fast code editor that can offer more features in the same environment.

Ghostwriter by Replit, is the new proposal for programmers with four AI functions: Complete, it suggests online codes as you write; Generate, you can indicate what function or action you want to perform and the platform suggests codes to solve the problem; Transform, by selecting a section of the code and describing the changes you want to make, the platform rewrites the changes; and finally; Explain, by highlighting a section of the code block, the platform goes through it step by step and explains it in English, in a simple way.

According to the website, by combining the 4 functions, the programmer will be able to automate repetitive code such as generating functions and files, quickly transform and refactor large blocks of code, learn faster and get unstuck while learning new skills, express himself creatively by asking Ghostwriter to write the desired code.

The platform generates code from large language models trained on publicly available code and tweaked by Replit, Ghostwriter considers what you write and checks the context based on the programming language we are using, and although it works best with JavaScript and Python code, it accepts 16 programming languages such as: C, C#, C++, CSS, and SQL, among others.

Ghostwriter allows coding to be fast, easy, and fun, preventing slow tasks from being slow and improving the programmer's coding, with the ease of being at hand, practically, on any device.

Ghostwriter will not share the generated codes with other users. It is currently based on large open-source linguistic models trained on public data. The code in public Replit is automatically subject to the MIT license.

The platform works in the browser without additional installations, runs on Windows as well as Mac or Linux, for now only in English language and with a subscription of $USD 10 per month.


27 de Diciembre, 2022