Present prototypes of mobile applications with the tool Framer

Present prototypes of mobile applications with the tool Framer

Designing an app to meet customer specifications can be a laborious process if you don't have a visual demonstration to show the desired concept.

To save design and programming teams work when presenting prototypes of the app's functions and user interface, we present Framer, a free digital platform, available for Windows and Mac, where you can export images, collaborate in real time and add components to present the application prototype as realistically as possible.

The platform is designed for the design and creation of realistic prototypes from the browser, although the Free version has limits of projects and professionals accessing and working on the file, with the Pro version the limits would be eliminated.

What makes this tool interesting is the ease of adding interactive, visually appealing components without the need for code. The added elements can be manipulated as the end user would do, as they respond to touches and clicks, which would help to improve and enhance the end user experience and as it would be the final version of the app to be developed.

Combining intelligent components, such as image galleries or music playback, creating complex interactions, customizing elements, as well as customizing backgrounds, frames and others, are some of the possibilities offered by Framer.

The portal allows sharing the project with a link, which makes it ideal for remote work and virtual presentations, and participants will experience the use of the app as if they were on their mobile device, with high fidelity and as realistic as possible.

If you are looking to bring an app to life and need a prototype to explain the overall concept in detail, Framer can be a great ally, even for professionals who have not yet generated code or have little knowledge of JavaScript.

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08 de Junio, 2021