A new generation of humanoid robots has arrived.

A new generation of humanoid robots has arrived.

This advance in robotics makes a difference in the quest for human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots (RPGs). For some, the humanoid form does not tend to be the most efficient structure for a machine with practical purposes, Phoenix is perfectly suited to the tasks assigned to it as what it is, a robot designed to replace humans in certain tasks.

Lately, general-purpose robots are being designed with humanoid structures because the modern world is built for us, with generalized features such as standard height, bipedal creatures and hands with opposable thumbs, so robots can be integrated into tasks and work environments easily.

Phoenix works in a unique way, through a telepresence system, a human operator controls the robot using virtual reality and motion capture technology. The operator can visualize what the robot sees through its cameras and feel what the robot senses through its sensors. Simultaneously, as the operator performs the actions, the robot's AI system observes, learns and records motion patterns relevant to each task.

Over time, the artificial intelligence recognizes these patterns, so the robot develops a compilation of actions associated with specific tasks, while Phoenix achieves the ability to perform tasks autonomously.

Phoenix was tested at the Canadian Tire Corporation store, and successfully demonstrated that it can perform more than 110 tasks related to the store, such as picking, packing, cleaning, labeling, among others.

Santuary AI has developed the Carbon platform, which combines telepresence learning, reinforcement learning and advanced artificial intelligence language models. Thus, its robots are designed with flexibility in mind and capable of accomplishing the goal, to perform any task that a human worker can perform.

Phoenix could become a promising candidate to perform tasks like any human, along with Carbon, the robot would be able to interact in a similar way to a person, including developing planning and decision-making capabilities.

Work robot technology will continue to evolve to become a direct support for humans in sectors such as home care, healthcare and more.

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20 de Junio, 2023