The future of aviation changes radically with PIBOT, the first humanoid robot pilot.

The future of aviation changes radically with PIBOT, the first humanoid robot pilot.

It is called PIBOT and is a robot pilot with humanoid characteristics, which unlike its predecessors, has the ability to operate switches from the cockpit in addition to physically sit in the pilot's seat.

In addition, PIBOT's most outstanding feature is its integration with ChatGPT technology, making it an advanced technology that allows it to remember Jeppesen aeronautical navigation charts from around the world and the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH), surpassing human capabilities. These abilities allow PIBOT to pilot without error and react to various situations with a speed never before seen in a robot.

PIBOT, according to the research team, possesses other attributes that could be of great use, such as in the military field. They imagine PIBOT controlling a variety of vehicles, from cars to military trucks. In situations where military resources are scarce, PIBOT could be an invaluable solution.

As of this writing, PIBOT's abilities have been tested only in flight simulators, although the team already has plans to test it in real aircraft in the near future.

The project will conclude in 2026, and if all goes according to plan and test results are successful, PIBOT could begin to be commercialized for both civilian and military use.

PIBOT is not only a technological breakthrough, but a glimpse into the future of aviation, in a world where technology and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, projects like PIBOT show us the unlimited potential that the future holds.

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19 de Septiembre, 2023