A website to learn geography through didactic games.

A website to learn geography through didactic games.

Today there is no need to resort to books to find the map of a specific area and learn the regions and provinces that make up the area found.

Thanks to technology, learning processes today are dynamic, interactive and fun, such as the web platform Interactive Maps, a portal that has published, for 17 years, geography games that include regions, countries, cities, capitals, also including watercourses and rock formations in various territories.

The site is very intuitive, at the beginning you will be able to access the list of available maps to choose from, it has a section where you can choose the area of the world you want to start exploring. As it is a Spanish site, it has an exclusive section for this country.

Once the selection is made, the list on the right-hand side changes, and you can choose between puzzles, name games and locating games. Depending on your choice, a page opens with the description and instructions of the game, and the fun begins.

The portal allows you to change the language, as well as providing the possibility to compete against other people, which helps to elevate the gaming experience. An annual fee of €12 can be paid to avoid seeing advertising when pressing the play button.

Although it is a website to enjoy and interact with other users, plus the opportunity to learn in a fun way, undoubtedly strengthens in children and young people the knowledge learned in a classroom, for free if you do not want to cancel the membership, in addition, as you can change the language of the web platform, you can enhance the learning of other languages.

The portal is part of Didactalia, an educational community of more than 550,000 members and 100,000 educational resources, which incorporates the capabilities of an artificial intelligence system to strengthen the shared content.

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10 de Enero, 2023