It's called PODQUEUE and allows you to save links to audio files from any web site.

It's called PODQUEUE and allows you to save links to audio files from any web site.

Finding material in audio format on the web has become an everyday thing but saving it and then listening to it when you need it, can be somewhat cumbersome, since until now there was no platform that allowed such a feat.

To solve this problem, PodQueue arrived, a platform that allows you to save links to audio files in one place, no matter what website they come from. Even from sites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, Twitter, BBC, CNN, Ted, among others.

For PodQueue privacy is its standard, the saved links are assigned private character, so they are free of ads and trackers, which can be detrimental not only for the user, but it is not in accordance with what the platform offers.

One of the advantages of this platform is that it is no longer necessary to search for a specific podcast or affiliate to a program to listen to the episode, with just the link, PodQueue saves it and can be accessed more easily.

While the platform can serve as a distraction to save us the search for favorite podcasts, it is useful in a business approach, since being able to access audio files from various sources, they can be used in presentations, conferences and lectures.

In addition to being a great support resource for teachers, being able to have qualified audios to make educational sessions more enjoyable and fun.

The platform has "Like", "Archive" and "Search" functions, options that can be accessed to saved and played audio links.

Created in 2019 by Ryan Baumann, a Rails developer with over a decade of experience, who was inspired by websites like Instapaper and Pocket for texts and focused his frustrations on the platform we present today, with an approach very similar to his inspirations, but suited to audios.

On PodQueue's website you can read about privacy policies, statistics and supported formats. In addition to a section on copyright of the creators of the audios and complaint format, in case of infringements.

To visit the PodQueue website, visit

04 de Octubre, 2022