New video capsule for endoscopy

New video capsule for endoscopy

This innovative development comes to us from George Washington University, basically the new miniature video capsule would replace the traditional endoscopic camera, allowing it to be controlled by a magnet on the external side and a joystick like those used in video games.

Not only is it a less traumatic way for the patient, but it could also detect pathologies such as ulcers and stomach cancer without requiring a second endoscopic appointment.

The results are very promising, showing that the capsule can visualize all areas of the stomach in 95% of the cases studied, which proves that it is efficient compared to traditional endoscopy.

Moreover, 80% of patients preferred the new capsule endoscopy to the traditional method because it did not require a second appointment and because it is a less invasive procedure. The two main advantages of this method.

This research project was funded by the medical technology company AnX Robotica, which is also the developer of the NaviCam® capsule endoscopy system used in the study.

Despite the many benefits offered by this new method, there are some limitations to keep in mind; the capsule cannot perform biopsies of the lesions detected, which would imply a crucial second appointment in the diagnosis of certain conditions.

While it is true that this new technology is in its early stages, the research team is already developing software based on artificial intelligence to direct the capsule throughout the stomach area and detect abnormalities. Together with this system, the tool could become a support for early diagnosis.

This new capsule opens the way for new medical innovations, even with the limitations it presents, it fulfills the objective of providing patients with medical studies with guaranteed results with the least possible invasiveness.

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11 de Julio, 2023