The ultimate, 3D printing inside the body

The ultimate, 3D printing inside the body

The technique, called deep penetration volumetric acoustic printing (DVAP), uses ultrasonic waves and biocompatible ink to create biomedical structures inside the human body.

This method could radically transform medical procedures such as bone and cardiac repair by using the sono-thermal effect, ultrasonic waves are absorbed and increase the temperature of the ink until it solidifies. Ultrasonic waves can penetrate tissues much deeper than light, making it possible to reach bones and organs with impressive precision, surpassing light-based printing techniques.

According to the study, the flexibility of this method is astonishing, as researchers have developed several types of "sono-ink" that adapt to different needs, from bone structures to more flexible heart valves.

In animal tests, the results are promising; they have been able to seal a section of a goat's heart to prevent blood pooling and treat a bone defect in a chicken leg. The researchers explored the possibility of releasing chemotherapy drugs in a controlled manner inside a liver, an advance that could be crucial in the fight against cancer.

Despite the significant results of this technological breakthrough, it must be recognized that we are still witnessing the initial stages of applying this technology in humans. Researchers are cautious and understand that more research is required to ensure the safety and efficacy of the technique in clinical applications.

However, one cannot help but feel optimistic about this technology; we are talking about the possibility of non-invasive repair and regeneration of internal tissues and a paradigm shift in medicine.

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30 de Enero, 2024