Works of art generated from brainwaves

Works of art generated from brainwaves

This novelty comes to us from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where a course called "Arts and Geometry" is attracting a lot of attention, and to achieve it they use EEG headphones to capture brain activity patterns that are then translated into art.

Everything is possible thanks to electroencephalography, the most important resource in this novelty, besides being a monitoring method that records the electrical activity generated by brain cells, the approach used is revolutionary.

In conventional engineering courses, which focus on construction and structural design, the "Arts and Geometry" course delves into fields as diverse as neuroscience and therapeutic art, enabling students with specialized mathematical tools to understand complex physical systems or large data sets.

The course was inspired by the play "Picasso at the Lapin Agile," a fantasy that imagines a dialogue between Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein. This cultural context adds a layer of depth to the course, encouraging students to explore the crossroads between science, technology, and art.

Students not only learn theory, but also apply their knowledge practically; if a visual artist wearing an EEG headset can turn their brain activity into a melody, it can inspire a musician or a dancer.

The focus of the course goes beyond the classroom, with benefits such as increased self-esteem and improved mental well-being for participants.

Interdisciplinary education is the future, not only are we living in an era where artificial intelligence and quantum computing systems are revolutionizing markets, but also educational training has become more holistic and necessary, not only training competent engineers, but allowing them to be creative and emotionally intelligent.


28 de Noviembre, 2023