CES 2019: Tech expo's hottest new gadgets

CES 2019: Tech expo's hottest new gadgets


Starting today the CES 2019 trade show is powering up again in Las Vegas. Most of the biggest names in tech and start-ups will compete for attention over their new gadgets for the next week.

Some products may launch new categories. Past events presented a first look at video cassette recorders (VCRs), organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs and Android tablets. But many more will flop or never even make it to market.

Taking specific about AI assistants and smart living.

One of the biggest developments at the last few CES expos has been Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant's. Rival efforts to extend their reach in the home and beyond. For 2019, we're being promised new skills. That will let smart speakers tell you where your pet or TV remote is hiding. As well as Alexa/Google Assistant-controlled pianos, heart rate monitors, lawnmowers, motorcycle helmets and meditation lamps. Samsung is rumoured to be revealing a fresh Galaxy Home speaker powered by its smart assistant Bixby, and German start-up Autolabs will demo Chris - a virtual helper designed for use in cars. Several firms will also urge developers to get behind "open source" alternatives, in which neither of the two tech giants act as gatekeeper to the apps on offer. Taking things one step further, Smart IoT Labs has Miranda - a kind of smart assistant for smart assistants that issues commands on your behalf to Alexa or Google based on your past behaviour, which sounds a bit bonkers. The CES also show a lot more innovations in other categories as Televisions which is the start since it started 52 years ago. Health and Beauty, as an example bring new products based on neuromodulation therapy. This involves stimulating the spinal cord to try interrupt, pain signals without surgery. A Gillete’s new razor and a Tooth brush with high technology. Of course we can’t miss the Smartphones and Computers that show’s flexible phones this year.  Drones; Transportation and last but not least is the Blockchain and other curiosities; as several start-ups are attempting to ride the hype-wave associated with blockchain and crypto-currencies. This year CES promise to bring a lot of new high tech, let’s see how it ends and how many marvelous things bring. http://tmconsulting.com.mx"

08 de Enero, 2019