Technological predictions for 2019

Technological predictions for 2019

"What will the 2019 bring us? The main predictions for this 2019 as we enter the digital ecosystem driven by data are here.

The AI ​​will continue to grow in the market.

Virtual assistants will definitely continue to dominate technology for consumers. We will witness the fusion between this artificial intelligence and the augmented virtual reality in the home. The PCs and the mobile devices of daily use will continue to learn from our habits. Advances in language processing and voice technologies will create a more productive dialogue with machines.

The 5G will make us live to the limit.

The arrival of 5G it stars this new year. First of all, it promises to completely change the reality of the data in terms of speed and accessibility. High and low latency bandwidth networks mean more systems. Automobiles and connected devices, an infinite amount of artificial intelligence, automatic learning and latest innovation processing.

Data forecasts announce more clouds.

Multi-cloud environments will drive the full operation of machine learning processing automation, and artificial intelligence. This will provide organizations the ability to manage, move, and process data where and when it is needed. We will see the emergence of more clouds as the data is increasingly distributed. To meet a host of new privacy and compliance standards and, of course, in the public cloud for a variety of applications and services that we all use the days.

Millennial generation will have to make room for Generation Z, which will enter the labor market

The millennial generation certainly must make room for the next generation, since Generation Z (those born after 1995) will break into the labor market next year, which will create an increasingly diverse workforce that will span five generations. Certainly this will create a wide range of experiences in life and technology. 98% of generation Z will have used technology as part of their formal education; Many already understand the basic concepts of software coding and expect only the best technology to be part of their work experience.

Creation of data guardians

With the emergence of data as the most valuable asset of an organization, its security and protection will continue to be the number one priority. In a race to ensure that all access points remain secure, organizations will allocate more money to security investments, either through stronger cryptography at the endpoint access or intelligent cybersecurity that spans the data center distributed on the site. edge and the cloud. As a result there is the end of weak points and waste: supply chains will be stronger, smarter and greener It is likely that the blockchain contributes to guarantee confidence and security in the supply, while protecting information and data on goods and services during the process.   Finally there was never a better Era for technology, with the full-speed advance of innovations in 5G, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the cloud and the blockchain. I bet we'll make a lot of use of those 44 zettabytes of data in 2020. https://www.ambito.com/predicciones-tecnologicas-2019-n5003197 http://tmconsulting.com.mx"

01 de Enero, 2019