Discover the full potential of Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant.

Discover the full potential of Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant.


Alexa is the virtual assistant of Amazon, and belongs to a group of attendees that today have become the best gift for this Christmas. Among its basic functions of playing music, radio and request the news and the wheather through voice commands; we can do so much more. Learn everything you can do with Alexa here:

1. Play an Audiobook. If you are one of those who does not have time, Alexa can read you any book you have purchased for Kindle. Requesting Alexa reads the book American Gods.

2. Make phone calls and send messages. Through Amazon Echo you can make calls and send messages to other users at no additional cost.You just have to say Alexa calls XXXX or sends a message to XXXX.

3. You can request an Uber, you can link your Uber account and once this is done you can ask Alexa to request an Uber for XXXX destination.

4. Find your favorite restaurant, to order food or locate it in the city where you live. Once the location is activated you can request a specific restaurant or order food.

5. You can ask any questions. Like for example Alexa where Charles Chaplin was born or Alexa how much is the Eiffle Tower.

6. Place an order on Amazon. If you are a member of Amazon Prime your Echo device will allow you to make purchases. Just tell Alexa what you need eg: Alexa I need to buy water; and will tell you the main results that you will decide if you buy or not. You can also check your shopping cart and buy specific products according to details such as brand, among others.

7. Make a shopping list or tasks to do. This list can be textual not based only on your Amazon shopping list. You can add supermarket products and review your list at the store. You just have to tell Alexa to add coffee to the shopping list.

8. Manage activity history. Alexa saves all your queries in a command history. With which you can play again some phrase, song or joke that you have liked or you can delete some entries in the history.

9. Use the minute hand to calculate the cooking times of the food. Ask Alexa for a timer per minute. And so you will calculate your times in the kitchen.

10. You can synchronize it with your smart appliances and external speakers. Do it through the application connecting your Echo to devices with Bluetooth.

11. Synchronize and note notes or events in your Google, Apple or Microsoft calendar. If you have your calendars and appointments organized in your Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts you just have to manage the synchronization of the calendars. Alexa allows you to synchronize up to 3 different ones. And if you just want to add a new event tell Alexa add an event to the calendar and you're done.

12. Schedule an Alarm. To set an alarm you just have to say Alexa set an alarm and tell you the time. To stop the alarm just tell Alexa To Stop.

13. Ask to reproduce White Noise to relax. Alexa has in its database a playlist of white noises or relaxing sounds, which you can play with ask Alexa to give me a rain sound or Alexa give me a sound of waves.

14. Ask about your favorite sports teams. You can also consult him on the results of your favorite teams, eg Alexa how is Madrid.

15. Set simple reminders, such as turning off the TV or taking out the garbage in as much time. When you tell Alexa remember me in 5 min turn off the TV.

16. You can also translate words or phrases in real time. If you tell Alexa Welcome home in English, it will translate the phrase automatically. Just as if you ask Alexa how many miles are 11km it will help you with the conversion.

17. Perform games of chance, such as asking you to toss a coin or to indicate a random number. When saying Alexa, toss a coin or Alexa, say a number at random, or say a number from 1 to 100.

18. It can be a calculator. Ask Alexa questions about quick calculations that you want to clarify; you can request Alexa square root of twenty-five.

19. You can increase your functions thanks to the Amazon Skills. The Skills are extra skills added by third parties, they can be games, cookbooks, among others.

20. You can create a routine with your custom commands. Therefore, when you say a certain command that you can configure, Alexa executes a specific action.

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11 de Diciembre, 2018