3 Computer security tips for Christmas

3 Computer security tips for Christmas

"At this time of Christmas and holidays, users are more likely to receive computer threats due to the vulnerability of the archives.

Beware of Christmas spam:

In a few weeks, our mailbox will be flooded with electronic congratulations: text, video and effects of elves and reindeer replace the traditional printed cards. This upward practice has been pointed out by cybercriminals as an unparalleled opportunity - by volume and high opening ratio - to carry out their criminal practices. Another variant is to take advantage of the amount of purchases we make in this period to send emails with issues such as your purchase invoice or delivery information for your product. The attackers usually send messages with Christmas greetings and an attachment or link to the alleged congratulation; The file is usually infected by some type of malware and, in the case of links, often redirect to pages where malicious codes are executed.

Attentive to your online purchases:

Although we always emphasize safety when shopping online, during the Christmas season it is advisable to exercise extreme precautions since, due to hurry, momentum or dates, we are prone to be more exposed to fraud and cyber-attacks: If you buy in stores retailers or independent sellers, check that the header is https, not http. The s after the p indicates that the page has a protocol that encrypts the information from end to end. A simple way to discard potentially dangerous pages and Man-In-The-Middle attacks).

Social networks:

The Christmas postureo can play a trick on us, as criminals use social networks more and more to locate empty homes without danger of being discovered. Some precautions to avoid a dislike when you return from your vacation: Keep the privacy settings on your social networks ready. Avoid giving information about your vacation before enjoying them (and when you are in them) Share the pictures once you have returned from your trip. "

10 de Diciembre, 2019