7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Written by Stephen Coveyare the 7 habits of this book are the most relevan. That is why I will mention in agreement with the author of the book. Since they are real and applicable only if one wishes so. To validate each of the habits outlined in this book, it is first to sell and know how to use a paradigm as an opportunity. For which the Pro-active begin. Is nothing more than the ability to have initiative to undertake projects and perform tasks. As well as being responsible for our own decisions and respond for our acts. Whether they are good or bad, know how to react and handle those.


When we have a purpose you must know very well that is from the beginning to the end you want to achieve. This means knowing clearly the mission, vision, goals. Know how far they are and how much is needed to achieve. It is here where they identify themselves as empty victories or everyday life. As in the case where we have projects. First we think about them and then very few of us execute them. In this habit similar things happen, this is oriented to understand that things are created twice. First mentally and then executing it, highlighting the principles of doing and doing, disposition, planning, organization, leadership, and discarding. The fear of failure allows you to clearly identify what is stopping you. If you are on the right path, and if it is necessary to redirect or provide feedback quickly.


Is the result of being proactive and start with the end in mind, is called Put First Things First, and guides the tasks, attitudes that are organized by identifying themselves by degree of importance, and running in the same direction towards the adoption of principles, to the conversion of effectiveness, to the opening of self-discovery and to assume common sense in an organized way since practices and techniques change with technology and innovation, but the principles do not change. Dr. Covey tells us that he called this "the attitude of the self".


In this habit in which it is oriented towards mutual benefit, sharing of knowledge, full abundance and the capacity for mutual cooperation and in this way, everything that is done is enriching for the parties involved and our and avoids the loss of time and differences found in the environment where this is done, it is known as modern management and recognition capacity of those who think differently, which is an indispensable element that must be included in the mind of each one of us for the personal and professional.


This habit guides us the way towards effective interpersonal communication, towards empathic communication, where we must learn before teaching and understanding before transmitting our information and it is related to win-win for it remember that you must understand very well what the other person wants and what it means to win for them that perhaps at the moment they do not understand us and we also have to know how to listen since this means being influenced correctly by an entity that guides us in something that we do not know or need, but it is the starting point of influencing others. It is in this habit that one learns to treat everyone equally, but to each one in a particular way because all people are different, therefore; They differ in their ideas, opinions, behaviors, and other points of view.


Is nothing more than opening the mind and heart to new ideas and options, going from old paradigms to new discoveries that generate added value, recognizing that people do not see situations as they are, but how they are. To achieve this status it is very important that there is excellent communication in the team or group that is communicating or transmitting their ideas. The two pillars of synergy are communication and cooperation. (Listen, reflect, respond and cooperate), these three habits in your life will lead you to the "Public Victory." This leads us to interdependence.


Refers to the ability to renew with balance, review the previous six habits and correct, innovate and improve continuously and must be preceded by the fulfillment of the four dimensions, which are: physical, mental , socially and spiritually. Highly effective people take the time to sharpen their tools, which translates into cultivating their: • Body: Exercise to develop strength, flexibility and physical endurance • Soul: Prayer and meditation. Also read good literature, art or music. • Mind: Read, educate, investigate, learn something new. • Heart: Work on developing an emotional connection with other people. Renewal is the principle and process that allows us to ascend in growth and change. Continuous improvement, of optimal thinking. http://tmconsulting.com.mx"

16 de Julio, 2019