Adaptation of technology in SME companies in Mexico.

Adaptation of technology in SME companies in Mexico.

"Entrepreneurs, managers and experts in TIC's met at the SAP Time to Tell event. As a result of the meeting in which Mexican companies told their success stories after the adaptation of technology; how digitalization has led them to a more entrepreneurial vision smart. Alejandro Vázquez, the vice president of channels in SAP Mexico, said that technology is changing the direction of the SME. Forming 99% of business units in Mexico, requires partners to unleash its growth potential through technology adoption. "This was a great opportunity to show that SAP's information technologies and solutions not only make big companies smarter. Since they are increasingly growing companies that use software to face their business challenges. These stories reaffirm that technology improves the direction for businesses of any industry and size," said Vázquez.

Improvements in human resources management and electronic commerce.

Ricardo Lozano, CIO of La Europea, a wines and gourmet foods selling company, explained how his company went from a family business to a network. With stores a national scope and enormous opportunities to improve your administration and use of talent. By adopting the SAP SuccessFactors solution in their H.R. area, they were able to finally reduce their staff turnover by 30%. "The greatest benefit was in understanding our employees better. Having more control, and we get to know them better and put the necessary technologies at their fingertips, " explained Lozano. For his part, Efrén Zúñiga, leader of emerging technologies of Cemex. Tell us how Construrama the company of distribution of materials for construction. Took the step to the creation of an electronic commerce platform that became a key point to promote its sales in its network. Finally they create more than 1,800 points of sale and distributing among 800 business owners. "The challenge was to face other major competitors and e-commerce leaders. Our brand was limited, so the exhibition gives us a chance to expand even more our possibilities. Increasing sales between 16 and 20%," he said; about his experience using the solutions of the C / 4HANA suite, with SAP Customer Experience.

Transformation management and inherited infrastructure management.

For Polak Group, consisting of six companies engaged in chemical industry with over 100 years of tradition. Ruperto Hernandez, CIO of the group delved into the challenge of incorporating technological solutions that give support exponential growth. "In less than five years, we had a growth of up to almost 300%, so in 2009 we wanted to take the step to digitalization," he said. It was not until 2012 that its digital transformation began to become a reality, with the help of SAP partners. Who facilitated each group company to be able to work individually with the same vision in decision-making. Finally, Jesus Guerrero, IT manager Tyasa, company dedicated to primary steel production and construction materials. Said that one of the main challenges facing lies in the fact that the systems become obsolete quickly. "A technology business partner offers the advantage of incorporating these changes in a more agile way, with a support that facilitates the transition thanks to a synergy in which everyone wins," he said. To digitize the companies that grow in Search, the best option is to analyze exactly what your business is and find an ally. That helps you create a technological support to grow and polish the basic needs to accelerate better growth. Info taken from https://searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/es/noticias http://tmconsulting.com.mx"

07 de Noviembre, 2018