Bad habits that affect your network security

Bad habits that affect your network security

"In the world of computer science, all of us have made a mistake that affects our Internet security. Either by not reading carefully, or by ignorance of what we were really doing. There is nothing more dangerous than having and using an antivirus without updating. It is completily useless to use one, if you ignore the updates notifications. The same happens with the updates of the different operating systems. If we ignore them, the only thing we will achieve is that our equipment is not safe. It can also worsen the performance, since patches are normally released to optimize the operation of the equipment.

We do not realize, but when we start the computer, every extension we have in the browser has to be loaded. That means it takes longer to boot and consumes many more resources.

Another very important mistake is to have a computer with Windows operating system and not have an antivirus installed. Or have the firewall activated. With this, the only thing we can get is that surfing the net or downloading something infects our equipment. And later infect the others around us. Luckily in Windows 10 a good antivirus and a good firewall comes standard, so in principle it is not necessary to change it unless you need advanced configuration options. "

12 de Noviembre, 2019