Know a firewall for your home and small business

Know a firewall for your home and small business

"Nowadays, security in our networks is becoming a very important issue. More and more companies are suffering attacks on their networks. Even home users, so installing a firewall is almost essential.

Firewalla Gold

This firewall developed by the company Firewalla promises very interesting things. All this with a really small hardware physically, ideal to place anywhere. It is not necessary to have a rack to place this firewall. It is a physical device in square box format with four Gigabit Ethernet ports. And it is supported together with a mobile application that promises to control each and every one of the functions of the firewall. To create, modify and delete rules that we have in the Own team. Thanks to this app, we can manage it locally or remotely very easily and quickly. Without using a computer. Other features incorporated in this Firewalla Gold is the possibility of configuring a parental control, we also have a built-in Ad Block (ad blocks), so that all the equipment connected in the local network does not see any type of advertising while browsing, and all this without installing any extension in the web browser. The same will happen if we watch YouTube on our smartphone, we will not see any type of advertising. As for VPN virtual private networks, Firewalla Gold will allow us to configure VPN servers, and also VPN clients, that is, the firewall itself can connect remotely to a VPN server, in addition, it allows the Site-To-Site VPN configuration to interconnect different Business headquarters easily. Other interesting features are the incorporation of an intrusion detector, vulnerability scanning in our local network, bandwidth limiter, network behavior analysis, secure search, geo IP filter. [caption id="attachment_1395" align="aligncenter" width="851"] Firewall popup for security cybercrime protection[/caption]"

26 de Noviembre, 2019