Make your phone a hiring machine

Make your phone a hiring machine


Now days, it is possible to convert your mobile device into a subcontracting machine. Through your smartphone, and with the right applications, you can do almost anything. From making reservations in restaurants to finding someone to fix a leak in your basement, but now you can also hire staff, with these 5 simple apps. Know them. 

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is easy to use,  and it covers a wide range of services. These include putting together furniture, going to buy groceries, clean the house, help with the movements of the house and more.

First, choose the job you need and the application will show you a list of qualified Taskers, along with their hourly rates and reviews of previous users. You can choose the appointment times and organize more details within the application.

All potential Taskers have been interviewed and their identities verified, and each job is backed by a "promise of happiness". So, if something goes wrong, the company will consider offering up to $ 1 million if a Tasker damages your property, and up to $ 10,000 if you are physically hurt or robbed. For basic work and assistance, TaskRabbit covers almost everything you can imagine. Works on Android and iOS.

2. Upwork

Any type of work that attracts independent professionals, from writing publications on social networks to developing mobile applications, can be developed through Upwork.  A platform that aims to simplify the connection of clients and independent professionals.

Do you need a new logo for your business? Open the application and look for qualified designers and creatives, check your rates, previous experience and qualifications of previous clients. When you find someone you like, organize the assignment through the application, using its integrated messaging and file sharing service.

You can also manage payments and other administrative actions through the application, which makes it a one-stop shop for finding freelancers, whether you need someone for a single project or a long-term commitment. Works on Android and iOS.

3. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands promises "assistants for all". With it you can get help as with a personal assistant, from finding a place for a children's birthday party to finding information for your latest book.

The price starts at $ 30 per month for five applications and goes up to $ 200 per month for 50. Those requests can include finding the perfect person to walk your dog in a certain area, arrange transportation to the airport and call the retailers of electricity to find stores with iPads.

In stock, or canceling your cable subscription. The mobile application gives you instant access to your personal assistants and task requests that you have submitted, so you can manage your outsourcing at any time and look back through the completed work. Works on Android and iOS.

4. Google Duplex
Google Duplex was introduced last year and is now widely available in the US. UU Essentially, use the Google Assistant to make reservations over the phone, whether for a dinner or a haircut. The duplex system speaks and interacts remarkably as a human would, although it gives the person at the other end of the line a notice that they are talking to an automated robot. If you do not have time to reserve a table or make repairs to your car, Google Duplex can do it for you. You can access Duplex through the Google Assistant application. Simply ask to make a reservation somewhere, and the Assistant will take care of the rest. If additional details are needed, the application will confirm them with you before making a call. This article was based on a Popular Science article:  7 apps that will let you hire people to do almost anything  http://tmconsulting.com.mx"

11 de Junio, 2019