The best FTP and FTPES servers for Windows

The best FTP and FTPES servers for Windows

"Today, with the use of network storage servers (NAS) by users and companies to store all types of files. You may want to mount an FTP and FTPES server locally on your Windows computer. Today we are going to tell you what are the best programs to create a complete FTP and FTPES server, compatible with Windows 10 and also with Windows Server.


It is the best known FTP / FTPES and SFTP client that exists. It works on Windows and Linux operating systems. FileZilla Server, the server version of this popular program. It is only available for Windows operating systems. FileZilla Server is completely free, open source. It supports both the FTP protocol and the FTPS / FTPES protocol to provide point-to-point confidentiality. Using the TLS protocol to ensure connections between clients and the server. Some of the main features of this FTP server are the ability to enable or disable both FTP and FTPS. It allows anonymous connections, how many anonymous connections can be connected simultaneously. Show hidden files and folders, configure passive FTP. Configure failed connection attempts before banning the user and much more.


Another program widely used to mount an FTP server on our Windows computer is FreeFTPd. This program is completely free, incorporates a very simple and visual Windows XP style interface. But the most important thing is that it is compatible with the FTP protocol, FTPS, FTPES and even with the SFTP protocol. This program will allow us to create different virtual users. No need to create them locally on the Windows computer. In addition, it will allow us to create different virtual directories to share only the folders or directories we want.

Core FTP Server

This program comes in two versions, a minimalist version with the most basic configuration options, and another that has all the configuration options of any FTP server. Some of its main features are the possibility of using FTP / FTPS / FTPES and also supports SFTP and HTTPS for file transfer. Depending on the version chosen, we will have a greater number of configuration options, therefore, we recommend the full version to customize the FTP server in detail. Without a doubt, there are endless paid and free servers that you can opt for. The FTP server that stands out the most is FileZilla Server, a program widely used by many users. "

03 de Diciembre, 2019