The best networking programs for Windows

The best networking programs for Windows


Best Networking for Windows

Wireshark is one of the best-known programs that exist to capture all network packages, and study them thoroughly. Works with Windows and Linux operating systems. Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous programs that exist. Thanks to its advanced possibilities, its even being considered by some as a standard to follow. Zenmap is the official graphic interface of the famous Nmap Security Scanner program. It is a free and open source application, available for different platforms, including Windows. The objective of Zenmap is to facilitate the use of Nmap through the graphical user interface. Since Nmap does not have a graphical interface and only runs through the command line. At the same time, it provides advanced features for already experienced Nmap users. WinFi is a great alternative to Acrylic WiFi, this program has many options similar to the previous one, since it is capable of analyzing all Wi-Fi networks, both in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, it also allows us to analyze possible security flaws that we have on the net, directly "calling" Wireshark. This program will allow us to see the list of Wi-Fi networks that surround us with all the information such as the BSSID, name of the WiFi network (SSID), router or AP manufacturer, RSSI, minimum and maximum speed, frequency band, channel, width channel, Guard Interval and other much more information. If what you are looking for is simply an application that shows you your WiFi networks around, without a doubt this is your application. WirelessNetView is an application that runs in the background and monitors the activity of the wireless networks around you. There are a lot of very interesting network management programs for Windows. Depending on what you need, it will be ideal to use some tools or others. There are times when a simple port scanning program is enough and other times you have to go to programs like Wireshark where it shows you everything in an advanced way and gives you a series of very useful tools. "

19 de Noviembre, 2019