Three malware campaigns arrive for Christmas

Three malware campaigns arrive for Christmas

"They have found three new malware campaigns that arrive just in time for Christmas and that could put our purchases at risk. These are three strains of malware (GratefulPOS, Emotet and Zeus Panda) and have come alive with new active campaigns just in time for the holiday shopping season. While GratefulPOS seems to be a new strain, the other two, Emotet and Zeus Panda, have just undergone minor updates that allow them to access the most active online stores at this time of year.


Of the three, the most intriguing is GratefulPOS. It is a strain of malware that targets point-of-sale (POS) systems. Discovered by the Target Cyber ​​Threat Detection Team and analyzed by security researchers from the RSA FirstWatch division, GratefulPOS looks like a combination of codes among multiple malware families such as FrameworkPOS, TRINITY, BlackPOS and BrickPOS.

Zeus Panda

A second strain of malware that has seen an increase in activity is Zeus Panda. It is from the same family of malware detected a few weeks ago by altering the results of the search page to point users to malicious download links.


Last but not least, Bromium researchers discovered an interesting variant of Emotet that was launched just in time to catch the last season of Christmas shopping. According to the researchers, he was able to evade up to 75% of the antivirus."

24 de Diciembre, 2019