2020 begins and everything points to the change of the decade can sit really well for Microsoft. With its more and less Windows 10 has proved to be a success, Azure competes with Amazon Web Services and Office 365 has proved unrivaled. On the hardware side, the company has managed to consolidate the Surface brand and in 2020 we will see many of the novelties that have been discussed in recent months. This is what we expect from Microsoft for the new year.


The next software:

As in recent years, the optimization of Windows 10, Office 365 and Azure will be the bulk of the software news that we will see in the coming months. This does not mean that in addition a good number of new features are not planned that we will be shelving over the coming months.

Of those already announced, the launch of Windows 10X stands out, the operating system that Microsoft has created to govern devices with new form factors such as folding, double screen or flexible screens. It will be released on Microsoft Surface Neo, a sticky tablet.


What’s new in Microsoft 365:

After the launch of Microsoft Teams for the main Linux distributions a few weeks ago, many ensure that the complete Office suite ends up being available for the platform this year. What is known instead is that home users will have the option to purchase the new Microsoft 365 Life pack, or that is the same: the consumer version of the already known Microsoft 365 that is offered to companies and that in addition to Office 365 will include additional productivity, security and device management tools.