We met him as Windows Lite or Santorini, but Microsoft’s new development is called Windows 10X and he will be in charge of governing a new generation of dual touch screen folding devices this year.

Microsoft has not yet revealed too much data about this special version of Windows 10, but we already have some of the main features of an “extension” of Windows 10 that will have special features.


What is it?

We should start by saying rather what Windows 10X is not. It is not really a new operating system as such, but thanks to the modularity of Windows 10 it is an expanded version of the operating system that we already knew.

Thus, Windows 10X has all the current base of Windows 10, but it adds certain key components and technologies so that the resources and hardwares of these new devices that like the Surface Neo pose a format with two touch screens can be used They fold.

It is not clear where the name comes from and why they left behind the Windows Lite denomination (perhaps to give more strength to that denomination), but Panos Panay referred to the word “eXpression” when referring to Windows 10X, so that may Be one of the reasons that support the new name. And it reads and says “Windows ten x” – thus they referred to this development at all times in the Microsoft event – not “Windows ten ten.”


What’s new?

As we could see during the event, the news affects all those functions that can be used with two touch screens acting together. For example, drag applications, use both desktops independently or together and have accessories such as the magnetically coupled keyboard that makes a virtual trackpad appear or that “wonderbar” that is a kind of larger Touch Bar .

Another key element is the use of technologies such as containers for the execution of Win32 applications. Although Microsoft has not given details on this, in ZDNet they have already indicated how this technology allowed to maintain compatibility with traditional Windows developments without stopping the progress of this commitment to 64-bit applications in addition to the one that will continue to be maintained with UWP applications (Universal Windows Platform) or progressive applications (PWA).


What differentiates it from Windows 10? Can I install Windows 10X on my PC or laptop?

As we have seen, Windows 10X is an expanded version of Windows 10 that supports those dual touch screens of devices that, like the Surface Neo, propose that format.

In essence we have the same user interface and the same desktop and experience: the start menu, the taskbar, the search field, everything will be the same in Windows 10X, but in it we will also obtain those special functions that we can take advantage of in the specialized hardware of devices such as the Surface Neo – although this is not going to be the only one that appears next year with Windows 10X-. No. Windows 10X is not an “update” that will be available for our computers, but it is a specific version of Windows for dual touch screen devices.